Welcome to Cohousing Truth Blog

It looks like I already had a wordpress so now, if you want, you can also read my diary from being a teacher my first five years, and not enjoying it then. Yet, now I’m focused on my  new life – living in cohousing.

Welcome to my cohousing blog. This is not for marketing purposes. In fact, it might not be a real blog, more like a diary.  I want to share my experience – good and bad. I know that whenever I consider something new, homeschooling, homebirth, cohousing, etc, I always try to research the truth and usually you only find the positives.  It would be nice to find blogs who are honest because not everything is perfect. My son never created plutonium in our basement like other homeschoolers even though I still loved homeschooling. So, here is my take on cohousing.


To be honest, I love it!!!!  We are a new community and still forming our culture and learning the consensus process and being patient with ongoing construction.  The minute I heard about cohousing I wanted to buy in right away. That was the first problem I saw – money. I’m a teacher. The community forming where I live was the traditional cohousing where everyone puts in money and maybe it will happen and maybe it won’t.  I was still game but it’s a slow process and still at the baby stage.


Then, I heard about a community forming over the mountain. I looked it up and it was the exact same distance to the job I love, so that was a plus.  Plus, it was developer driven so he was taking on the financial risk and we just buy the houses with a bank – like 99% of the real world buys property.  I was in.  


So, here is my blog. No editor.  Just me and my thoughts. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. I hope many more cohousing forms all over the country.