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No real commitments to social bonding

I found this blog post on someone’s experience in cohousing. Perfect timing. We are having huge health issues in our household and I wonder what it would’ve been like at cohousing. Now I have more verification that leaving was the … Continue reading

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Not just the facts, m’am

My son has autism so sometimes he feels like someone has broken a rule. That also leads him to look to report the rule breaker. The other night, he called the police.  The police came and were very kind to … Continue reading

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Smart Mama

I once read in a prominent newspaper article about mothers that some working moms didn’t like being around stay at home mothers because they found them stupid.  They assumed being at home meant they could only do baby talk. I … Continue reading

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The Artist Way to dream, and cohousing

In the late 90s, my actor friend, Stephen, gave a free class on acting. I couldn’t resist the price. He is a brilliant writer, actor, and teacher. He used the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron to teach acting. … Continue reading

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Do I love New York?

I wanted to keep it a secret but I’ll let the alley cat out of the bag, our trip was to the Big Apple.  My boys had a great opportunity with an internship so off we went as a family … Continue reading

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Not Ok for children

I was just looking through my emails and found one from when COVID began. My son loved game night at the cohousing. Well, both sons liked it and suddenly it turned to online games. My 15 year old who is … Continue reading

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Universal Sign (language) for Do Not Disturb

I heard a great podcast the other day. I’ll talk more about them because they are great and make me want to move in – manana!  They were talking about how to keep your privacy in cohousing. They said to … Continue reading

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snake oil

Photo caption: The actress Alex Rice portraying Sakagawea aka Sakakawea in North Dakota I have mentioned that my middle son is on the autism spectrum.  When you first get that news, you look online and join online groups.  Some people … Continue reading

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Autism blogs

Here is a list of bloggers about Autism at this site. I have included myself now that they were nice enough to find me. I said that I mostly blog about housing and maybe 10% about autism but that was … Continue reading

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Scratch my Back and I’ll Scratch Yours

I have been writing since I moved into cohousing (and my teacher diaries before that) and I see that a few, very few, people are reading this. So I was very happy yesterday to see that I had my first … Continue reading

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