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The Truth is Out There

I am so happy. There is now a book out there that shows exactly what it is like to live in cohousing.  Diane Rothbard Margolis published We Built a Village: Cohouising and the Commons.  She lays it all out there … Continue reading

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Watch your neighbors watching you

A creepy new show is going to start on Netflix soon. It is based on true story. Here it is. So many scary details, mostly how neighbors turn on neighbors.

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Why is it so hard to be the new hire? or newest person?

Getting a new job is exciting. Moving into a cohousing is exhilarating. But being new at anything is so challenging. It’s hard for the “old ones” to onboard newcomers and explain every in and out of the culture. I already … Continue reading

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Podcast with founding mother of USA cohousing

You can hear the founding mother of cohousing in United States on the Transforming cities podcast On youtube: I found it on spotify below: Episode 49 It is interesting to hear her background and how she became an architect and … Continue reading

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Not just the facts, m’am

My son has autism so sometimes he feels like someone has broken a rule. That also leads him to look to report the rule breaker. The other night, he called the police.  The police came and were very kind to … Continue reading

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Olivia Newton-John is my muse

It’s been a few weeks since she passed, but I am still trying to figure it out.  Olivia Newton-John is a big part of my life. At age seven, I saw Grease in the theater. From the ad on the … Continue reading

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compassion vs empathy They passed out the above article at work. I never thought of a difference between cmpathy and compassion. Anything that leads to respect and problem solving, sounds good to me.

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