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need for support during grief

This article is interesting – how in this country we need more support for those who are grieving instead of putting it all on the person. I know I grieved a lot the loss of the dream of cohousing. Luckily … Continue reading

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Real humans

I saw the above quote yesterday on Facebook. I cant’ stop thinking about it.  If 98% of a cohousing community ignores you what does that say about them?  I tried talking to each person about what happened and my choices … Continue reading

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My money pit or ours?

I’m starting to regret selling my house in cohousing. It was a nice, new construction so my life as a landlord was easy. No repairs, nothing. Now I don’t’ even have renters in yet and the AC broke and I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Speak IKEA

I went into an IKEA for the first time ever yesterday.  It is a completely new world and experience. My brother loves it and says he and his young kids spend the whole day there.  I see there is a … Continue reading

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