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Signs of spring – Osprey

They like to nest right where I can see them. They say the same ones come back every spring, from as far away as Argentina! Another reason I love living at the beach.

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Did My Neighbor Take Out My Trash?

The other day I put out three small bags of trash. I have to put them outside or else my dog will undo them. I was going to take them out when I walked her.  When I went to bring … Continue reading

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Insane in the Membrane

There is something wrong with my brain.  I met someone who knew someone who was moving into cohousing. When they heard that their friend was going to live intimately (ok with their own private spaces) with 26 other families/people they … Continue reading

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How Much is it Worth to you?

The truth is many people love the idea of cohousing but can’t afford it. There are more in Europe since their governments help in the financing. Here in the US you have to cough up all the money and may … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Nowhere

Even if it’s not a big problem, cohousing moves at glacial speed. Everything has to be decided as a group. However, I recently noticed that means they can tell you to f off in a way that shirks their responsibility.  … Continue reading

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Diagnosis Negative

It’s confirmed. I have cooties.  I went to a meeting where another former neighbor happened to be there and poof, they left the zoom. It could be a bad connection but I”m sure it was me. I stink. I suck. … Continue reading

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Sex and the single house

One aspect of intentional communities is our sex lives. Depending on how close the units are and whether they share walls or not, you may get to know your neighbor’s sex lives.  Luckily for me, my unit had the strongest … Continue reading

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