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review of movies about intentional communities and communes

I did it. I googled movies about communes and intentional communities and I watched them all. Bad news, none are very accurate but many are entertaining. The good news is, that as a filmmaker, this gives me the opportunity to … Continue reading

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sea shell lost and found

There is a spot in the parking area where people put found items. I’ve found one of our socks that we dropped after a road trip. I”ve seen mail and keys. But the other day I saw a beautiful pink … Continue reading

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Most cohousing projects fail

That’s why you should buy in one that exists and by default, that means affordable. I have no words about this article but I”ll look for some comments to add – from those who added comments. I shamelessly promoted my … Continue reading

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Intentional Friendships

I have a friend who recently moved out of her cohousing place.  She says that now that there is space and distance, she realized she wouldn’t be friends who most of the people there. Only a few. That goes along … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Again

Tomorrow I predict that the groundhog will be woken from its slumber and forced to predict the weather.  I was remembering GroundHog day’s past. I had been dreaming of going to see Phil myself so I made a hotel reservation … Continue reading

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