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The Fast and the Furious Gone in 60 Seconds

It all started way back in the commune heydays. A man we will call Adam lived in the San Francisco  Haight district and fed the hungry with an all vegan, free restaurant.  Now, he is aging but still wants a … Continue reading

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Will we all be shamed, Monica Lewinsky?

I googled public humiliation. I was trying to see how others dealt with being a scapegoat. I came across a great article written by Monica Lewinsky. She knows a thing or two about this.  I admire her work to stop … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas, Yoko Ono?

Why do so many people hate Yoko Ono? I think it has to do with the Beatles breaking up. Maybe the other band members didn’t like her but I bet there were other reasons than just one of the member’s … Continue reading

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Live and Lose even in cohousing

As you can tell, I write a lot. I’ve kept a diary since I was 13 and enjoyed writing before then. But this post is difficult for me to write. I thought our cat, Garfield, would go to the vet, … Continue reading

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warped studies on cohousing?

Here is a study on cohousing and cohousing like places. As I read it I wondered how valid these studies can be. Do they ever talk to the people who left? Those who stay are obviously happy with their community … Continue reading

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Cat nap

I”m up late.  It’s half past midnight. My usual bedtime is around 9 but I stayed up late last night. I learned a tip – it costs twice as much if you bring an animal into the 24 hour vet … Continue reading

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alarms going off

Good neighbors are a blessing.  Tonight I ran off to do a few errands and it seems like the world exploded and it took hours. At least, I think we got all on our to do list done! As my … Continue reading

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