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Blame it on the Stars – astrology mapping out cohousing

My friend has learned a lot about astrology this year and led an online workshop on astrology charts. I have so much respect for her and all she has learned since it was a foregin language to me.  Makes me … Continue reading

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The Grinch HOA stole Christmas

A Florida man didn’t do the crime this time, well, according to his HOA he did. He put up his Christmas lights too early. How dare he! The story caught my eye since HOAs should learn to be a little … Continue reading

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Hard Candy Christmas

On the show Friends, Monica makes candy to get to know the  neighbors.  I don’t understand why we don’t try more to get to know our neighbors in general.  They didn’t know her name and called her Candy Lady but … Continue reading

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Cranky Christmas Neighbors

Christmas with the Kranks is a movie which pretty much follows the short story Skipping Christmas by John Grisham. I usually listen to the story on Audible and watch the movie every year but they are pretty close so sometimes, … Continue reading

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An unfun Festivus

I watched the episode again. I had no idea they said it was the 23rd of December but I heard about it on the radio. Many celebrate this Seinfeld created holiday. Sure, it doesn’t sound fun – you gather around … Continue reading

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From my catio to yours!

Happy Holidays! Here is the Christmas Catio from the Cohousing!

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Saying Goodbye to the Sauce

I rarely drink. I’ve just never been into it and whenever I do, I immediately regret it’s effects on me. I find it hard to concentrate on what people are saying to me. And, of course, there have been worse … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night

I got a thump on my door today – commonly known as a knock.  My shy neighbor wanted to see me. I was shocked. I figured I had bothered him by putting trash bags in the hallway to take away … Continue reading

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What is your culture?

This is a great video. We all have a culture and when we get together either to live or work together, there can be clashes of expectations, perceptions, and cultures!

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Being right is so wrong

I was on a zoom recently with lots of communitarians (cohousers, intentional community residents and wannabes).  One person said that they noticed that people who didn’t fit into cohousing moved out within one year. I asked what made them not … Continue reading

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