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The word community

Since moving into an intentional community, my ears zero in on the word. I notice I hear it a lot. So I looked it up and I was correct in my suspicion – it is over used! Yet, in my … Continue reading

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Just listen

a great video on listening. For grieving or whenever someone is in pain. (I wish I could say I never said any of these, but I have. Now I can do better.)

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Questions for potential members

Questions for a potential member You can’t really screen or stop people from buying or renting a house in cohousing due to fair housing laws (which are necessary) but if you could ask a few things and get to know … Continue reading

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Does anyone like the Trump kids?

For four years people acted strange around a known narcissist. Now his “friends” are writing tell all books.  I understand these books more now that I feel like I saw people throw what they know is right into the trash … Continue reading

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problem solved ever in cohousing?

I found this on another blog but I love the image! I felt like i was the only one looking for solutions and everyone else in that cohousing were searching for a hole to stick their head in. They wanted … Continue reading

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End of Dog Days of Summer

End of dog days of summer Summer is not for dogs at the beach. They are not allowed until after Labor Day and then banned again after Memorial Day. Okay, they can appear after 6pm. But, now is the time … Continue reading

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