covid is causing conflict in cohousing

I have a lot to say about this but I don’t have the time for now. So, I’ll share an article a cohouser sent to me. It is what we all dream of a community – compassion for people and putting people and relationships first!

About CJ

I was a Spanish teacher for 5 years in the Public School system in 3 different states. I homeschooled and taught at a democratic free school. I heard about cohousing in 2010 and wanted to move in right away. I met a group building one in 2018 and got to move in the summer of 2019. It only took a year to want out.
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1 Response to covid is causing conflict in cohousing

  1. zevpaiss says:

    We experienced a LOT of conflict at the very beginning primarily because of the wide diversity around how individuals believed this virus might impact them. Now after 16 months and the simple face that everyone in our community that can be vaccinated is, the conflicts have substantially gone away. This is not to say we are all on the exactly the same page as everyone else, but we have come to a place of mutual respect. I personally belief this will be with us for quite some time so ultimately we will need to learn how we can best coexist with this virus and all it forthcoming variations.

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