Meet the President

I always wonder what is the difference between cohousing and a condo, well one is that you may not be part of the decision making. I probably will run for the board at some point since most people just vacation at the beach and only a handful of us live here full time. For now, I enjoy not being in the room where it happens.

I wonder why more cohousing groups don’t just get a management company. Is discussing EVERYTHING the only way to form community?  I know it is always an issue of balancing fun and work but there are lots of things a management company can’t do that you can still do with democracy – make the budget, community building, conflict management, etc.

I know where I now, they had a terrible management company before where lights were left broken in the parking area and an elevator flooded.  They switched to a good company and everyone is much happier. Of course, I kinda wish the bad company had been around when I was buying to get a better deal but maybe I wouldn’t have bought if it looked too unkept anyhow.

At the other condo where I rented for a few months when I escaped cohousing, I was at a Halloween party and someone said, “that’s so and so. She is on the board”.  It was like, look there – she’s the president.  The awe. The amazement.

I thought maybe she needed the secret service!  In a strange coincidence I had just sat by the bonfire where someone was dressed as a secret service agent and later I spoke to an actual retired secret service agent. The stories he told!

There is a new book out that is on my to read list. A woman tells her experience protecting others.  Democratically run or by the board, luckily running an HOA does not require that degree of protection but it’s fun to hear their stories.

About CJ

I was a Spanish teacher for 5 years in the Public School system in 3 different states. I homeschooled and taught at a democratic free school. I heard about cohousing in 2010 and wanted to move in right away. I met a group building one in 2018 and got to move in the summer of 2019. It only took a year to want out.
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