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I Want A Sister Wife!

Ever since the TLC show Sister Wives began I wanted to live like that!  I wasn’t interested in the belief system, though I respect their religion, or to be married to one man and share him, but I wanted the … Continue reading

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There goes the neighborhood

I just heard this expression. I hadn’t heard of the concept in years – decades. Probably because it is downright racist.  I wonder how it works with cohousing. There is such a push for a fit – someone to fit … Continue reading

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Not everyone will like you – myth of cohousing is that everyone is in love

Great article on how to find your way into an established group

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Raising Children in Cohousing

I just had a wonderful conversation with Ted J. Rau. He has been raising his five children in cohousing and agreed to be my first podcast interviewee. I have to learn more about the technology but I hope it will … Continue reading

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I want to burn this bridge and be happy

I’m feeling hopeless. So many people in cohousing don’t seem to want to help other communities. Afraid to share “dirty laundry” so that others can learn. I understand privacy, but having others avoid the pitfalls is a gift. I think … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These

In the 5th season of Friends, episode 15, Ross moves into a new apartment and one of the neighbors asks him to donate $100 to throw a party for the handyman who is retiring.  He declines since he just moved … Continue reading

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Make your own community where you are instead of cohousing

I always had an inkling that it’d be nicer and easier and cheaper to develop a community where you already live. I though that since there are so few cohousing communities and most never even get made. Here is a … Continue reading

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community, coronavirus, and facing racism

Wonderful article on building community and being honest about racism

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