I want to burn this bridge and be happy

How to Say No Without Burning a Bridge - Avenue Talent Partners

I’m feeling hopeless. So many people in cohousing don’t seem to want to help other communities. Afraid to share “dirty laundry” so that others can learn. I understand privacy, but having others avoid the pitfalls is a gift. I think I should just give up.

I like this article. There are a lot of bridges that sometimes should just be burned. Move on.


About CJ

I was a Spanish teacher for 5 years in the Public School system in 3 different states. I homeschooled and taught at a democratic free school. I heard about cohousing in 2010 and wanted to move in right away. I met a group building one in 2018 and got to move in the summer of 2019. It only took a year to want out.
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