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Pandemic Birthday in cohousing

When the pandemic started I felt sorry for those who had a birthday. But the pandemic kept going and gave the gift of a birthday to all of us (lucky enough to survive so far which I don’t take lightly). … Continue reading

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Merry Something

Since it is that time of year, I feel I should put my holiday ideas under the tree.  I’m thinking of someone I know who visited a cohousing community years ago. She wanted to raise her children there. The tour … Continue reading

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Blog Power

I love blogging. I can just write and my word just exists. Now, I have no idea what it is like to have a large audience and feedback so I”m sure some blogs get push back. But this blog is … Continue reading

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Cohousing is like work, and I hate work

WIthin the first month of moving in, a neighbor wanted to talk to me.  I think I was walking towards the trash dumpster when he found me.  I tensed up. I knew I had done something wrong.  I actually was … Continue reading

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The sacrifices to have the privilege to move into cohousing

Many founders of cohousing communities know that like most construction projects it takes longer and costs more than originally projected. So, many future homeowners find themselves without a home as they sell their house and wait for the one in … Continue reading

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